Case Studies


submitted to the Nonviolence and Social Empowerment Conference

Puri, Orissa, India 18-24 February 2001

Nonviolence and Social Empowerment Project

c/o Patchwork

Kaiserstrasse 24 D-26122 Oldenburg/Germany

Tel.: +49-441-2480437 Fax: +49-441-2489661

email:; website


  1. Empowerment for creating economic alternatives
    • Self-Employed Women's Union, South Africa
  2. Empowerment to protect the environment
    • Chipko Movement: a non-violent philosophy of harmonious existence
    • Military Contamination on the Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico and the People' Response
  3. Empowerment for demilitarisation
    • Civil disobedience gets rid of conscription (Spain, 1985-2000)
  4. Experiments in Empowerment
    • Full employment and economic self-sufficiency in rural Orissa
    • Economic Empowerment of Tribal Women in India : A Case Study from Swadhina
Programmes & Projects

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