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Meeting of the African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network: 1 and 4 July

For more information and joining information please visit this page.

Book event: 3 July

Cape Town's foremost Clarke's Bookshop will be hosting a book event profiling Seeds of New Hope and Seeds Bearing Fruit, the two-volume Pan Africanist collection co-edited by Elavie Ndura (of the African Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Network) and Matt Meyer (of WRI's Africa Working Group). There will be poetry and some words from a number of activists. Light refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public. 

Women Peacemakers Program: Gender and Militarism Consultation: 2 - 4 July

The Women Peacemakers Program is an activist organization that works for gender-sens

itive nonviolent conflict resolution and the inclusion of women’s voice and leadership in nonviolent conflict resolution processes.

Women Peacemakers Program are affiliated to WRI, and we're delighted that they have decided to hold their global consultation on Gender and Militarism just prior to the Small Actions, Big Movements conference (July 2-4, 2014). The events will feed into each other, also making sure that an understanding of gender and militarism is key to our explorations of the continuum of violence.

More information will be posted soon on the Women Peacemakers Program's website. If you are interested in attending the consultation, please contact

WRI Council Meetings: 3 and 11 July

Council meetings take place on the afternoon of July 3rd and morning of July 11th. They are open to groups affiliated to WRI. The first meeting is of the current WRI Council. The second meeting is fo

r the incoming Council, including those individual Council members newly elected for the term of office in Cape Town. Information on nominations for Council can be found here.

WRI Assembly Meetings: 4 and 10 July

The WRI Assembly takes place on 4th July in the morning, and all day on 10th July. They are open to all: groups affiliated to WRI and to observers. WRI Assemblies are political discussions that help plot the course of WRI for the years to come.

Exhibitions: ongoing

See this page for more info.

Excursion: 9 July

Starting at 9.00am with an orientation at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre, then a visit to Roodebloem Road to Community House, with a discussion centering on 'the unfinished business of the fight against apartheid' and walkabout. Followed by a visit to the Guguletu 7 memorial, and a visit to the site of the Ray Alexander Centre of Memorym.

After lunch we leave for the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum.

Thanks to the District Six Museum for their organisation of this!

A contribution towards covering transport, lunch and dinner will be charged upon arrival at the Conference in Cape Town

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