Arlo Tatum


WRI is sad to hear of the death, on 2nd April, of Arlo Tatum.

Before Arlo's post as General Secretary of WRI, he worked for Central Committee for COs in the US. After leaving WRI he was active in the Peace Pledge Union (PPU), compiling the PPU song book with Sybil Morrison, and singing at PPU events.

Arlo was a member of the  Emergency Committee for Direct Action against Nuclear War which supported Harold Steele's attempt in 1957 to sail to the British Nuclear Testing site at Christmas Island in the Pacific.

He served on PPU Council, including Chair of PPU, 1979-81.

His last public appearance was, with Polly, at the PPU 75th anniversary party in 2009.

He was well loved and will be well remembered.

Please find Arlo's obituary in The Guardian.

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