ISRAEL: Refusers Atalia, Tamar and Tamar imprisoned


Conscientious objectors Atalia Ben-Abba, Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze'evi from Israel were imprisoned for their refusal to take part in occupation and serve in the IDF.

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Atalia's Declaration

This is Atalia's first, and Tamar and Tamar's fifth imprisonment. In her declaration, Atalia, who were sentenced to 20 days, states:

"My social responsibility as a stakeholder in our society is important to me. The people living here are important to me, all of the people living here, and it's my responsibility and the responsibility of all of us to act for a better life here. My refusal to be drafted doesn't come out of a renunciation of this responsibility, but out of the understanding that our present reality needs to be changed, and that my refusal is my way to change it...

I spoke once to a Palestinian activist who described the first time he met Israelis. All he saw, as a kid, were foreign soldiers, speaking a language he doesn't understand, entering his village and demolishing houses. He feared them and was angry. Only years later he met Israelis who showed him another side. Hearing him made me understand the endless cycle we're in – violence begets violence, there's no solution in this way. Cooperation with Palestinians enables us to create a relationship that paves the way to peace and proves that there is a chance for partnership between the two sides for a better future.”

Along with Atalia, Tamar Ze’evi and Tamar Alon have also repeated their refusal and sentenced to 23 days and 26 days respectively. This will add to 74 days they have already spent behind bars in total previously.


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War Resisters' International calls for the immediate release of all conscientious objectors.