Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns

Social change doesn't just happen. It's the result of the work of committed people striving for a world of justice and peace. This work gestates in groups or cells of activists, in discussions, in training sessions, in reflecting on previous experiences, in planning, in experimenting and in learning from others. Preparing ourselves for our work for social justice is key to its success.

This handbook shares what people have already developed in different contexts.

It includes sections on:

  • developing strategic nonviolent campaigns
Howard Clark, Javier Gárate, Joanne Sheehan, Dorie Wilsnack
War Resisters' International
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WRI's Countering the Militarisation of Youth project - (our forthcoming website of short articles, visual, audio, and other resources documenting the militarisation of youth around the world and sharing ideas on how to challenge it, will be linked to from here)

Countering the Militarisation of Youth 2012 conference Reader -

Venezuela: la Revolución como espectáculo

La Revolución como espectáculoLa Revolución como espectáculo

Rafael Uzcátegui: Venezuela: La Revolución como espectáculo.
Una crítica anarquista al gobierno bolivariano.

ISBN: 978-84-937144-5-1

El Libertario/ La Cucaracha Ilustrada / Libros de Anarres / Tierra de Fuego / LaMalatesta

Techniques for consensus decision making in large groups: the spokespersons council method

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The processes and techniques which can be found below show/ prove that even in large groups of hundreds and thousands of people, it is possible to make decisions in a democratic, horizontal, participative manner, without hierarchy, delegations, hierarchies or votes/ voting.

La Guerrilla de la Comunicación explicada a los niños y a las niñas

De la corrección de vallas publicitarias al tartazo pasando por el fake y el camuflaje

¿Acaso la mejor subversión no es la de alterar los código en vez de destruirlos?
Roland Barthes

Encrypted email

This page is work in progress. Once finished, it should explain how to use encrypted email via a range of software and on a range of operating systems.


Research sources

A. deployments

To research deployments you need:

  • information on military units getting deployed
  • information on the structure of the military, in order to make a good interpretation of the information
  • information on how troops deploy and their logistics

1. A good starting point is the website of the ministry of defense and of the military - an overview of links to the MoD of the NATO countries

On these website you often find:

People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity

Transnational solidarity can be crucial for movements of nonviolent struggle – in helping them emerge, in accessing contacts and resources, and in applying leverage on a regime or corporation. Some “transnational advocacy networks” have been criticised for “taking over” from local organisers and for in effect having a disempowering impact on the struggles which they intend to support. The central argument of this book is that the prime role for transnational solidarity is to strengthen the counter-power of those resisting domination and oppression.

Howard Clark
Pluto Press
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Waging Nonviolent Struggle

In Waging Nonviolent Struggle, Dr. Sharp documents 23 significant—and often successful—20th century nonviolent struggles in a range of cultural and political contexts, and reaffirms nonviolent action as a realistic and powerful alternative to both passivity and violence.

Building on the power analysis of his seminal Politics of Nonviolent Action, Dr. Sharp coherently integrates his theories into praxis, with a vitality tested on the frontlines, often under extreme violence.

Gene Sharp
Year published: 

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Uprooting War

This book is about developing strategies for grassroots activists to challenge and replace the war system. Brian Martin presents a wide ranging critic alanalys is of social institutions and also draws upon his experiences as a social activist in the environmental and peace movements in Australia. Some of the alternative directions examined are social defence, peace conversion, and building self- managing political and economic institutions.

Brian Martin
Freedom Press
Year published: 

Price: £6.00 (US$10.05 ; €7.67)
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