Nonviolence Training

Doing your own handbook

Since this is an international handbook, we realize that many groups will translate materials to create their own handbook. If you are thinking of producing your own handbook here are some tips. First of all you need to be clear about the reason for the handbook, who is it for? and how it will be used? This will shape what you choose to include. You need to think about the amount of energy you are willing to put into doing your own handbook - will you use existing materials from this handbook and others? or do you want to write additional materials? Another important aspect while thinking of producing your own handbook is thinking, what would make special your handbook?

Gender Awareness

A list of resources on gender issues in groups, organisations, and society.


Each of these resources is deeply connected to a particular country and cultural context, but as examples, they can provide ideas and inspiration for people everywhere.

Decision-Making (inc. Consensus)

A listing of resources on decision making in nonviolent groups and organisations.

Organizational Structures (inc. Affinity Groups)

A listing of resources on organisational structures in nonviolent groups and campaigns.

Campaign Development

A listing of resources on developing nonviolent campaigns.

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