WRI Women
El fusil roto
Das zerbrochene Gewehr
Noticias de los especuladores de la guerra
The Broken Rifle
WRI's quarterly magazine, usually published in English, Français, Español and Deutsch.

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Le fusil brisé
War Profiteers' News
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The bimonthly email newsletter of War Resisters' International's The Right to Refuse to Kill programme, published in English and where possible in Spanish, and French.

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News from the WRI office and network

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Nachrichten aus dem WRI-Büro und dem WRI-Netzwerk
Informaciones desde la oficina y la red de la IRG
War Resisters' Stories

Newsletter of War Resisters' International

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Berichte aus der WRI
War Resisters' Stories in German
Historias de resistentes a la guerra
Boletín de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra