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Fermons l'OTAN - une campagne de l'IRG contre l'OTAN

Dissoudre l’Otan: une alliance pour la guerre

L’Otan avait été fondé ostensiblement pour defender l’Occident “ libre ” contre expansion soviétique. Pourquoi donc l’Otan n’a pas été dissous quand l’Union soviétique s’est désintégrée et que le pacte de Varsovie s’est aboli ? La raison est tout à fait simple : parce que l’Otan est devenu le principal véhicule pour la coordination de la stratégie militaire occidentale. Ci-dessous, se trouve un appel pour les militant/e/s de la paix pour qu’ils s’engagent à faire augmenter la demande de dissolution de l’Otan.

Fermons l'OTAN

27 juill. 2011

On 26 July, more than 200 peace activists from 17 countries took part in an international nonviolent action at NEAT near Lulea in the north of Sweden. About 150 entered a "prohibited area" of the military training ground (see main text), and 28 were detained - most of them only for a short time. However, ten non-Swedish activists are being kept, and it is feared that they will remain under detention for 72 hours.

International solidarity is a powerful force. We therefore call for international solidarity for the remaining detainees in Lulea, Sweden.

25 juill. 2011

Over 150 peace activist from 17 countries will take action against the military training area NEAT in northern Sweden on Tuesday (26 July).

"NEAT is used by NATO to fine tune their unmanned aircraft for assignations.  They transform murder into a click on a computer screen" said Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer from the USA.

15 juill. 2011

Cattis Laska

The global war machine each year, kills directly and indirectly, millions of people, destroying entire communities, and destroing nature. Contrary to the popular image of Sweden, both at home and abroad, Sweden plays a major role in the war industry. Sweden is the world's largest arms exporter per capita, Sweden participates in NATO's war in Afghanistan, and Sweden has the largest practice area for war within its borders.

27 mai 2011

Luleå, Sweden
Thursday, 27 July 2011

Free detained activists!

War Resisters' International is calling for the release of ten activists who were detained by Swedish police during the “War Starts Here” nonviolent action at the North European Aerospace Testing Area (NEAT) near Vidsel, Sweden. The test site – covering an area the size of Belgium – is used for testing a range of innovative weapons, including planes, missiles and “drones” (remotely piloted weapons). Despite its size, NEAT is a little known site – even in Sweden – yet plays a crucial role in multi-national preparations for war.

28 mars 2011

International Co-ordinating Committee No to War – No to NATO

The International Co-ordinating Committee No to War – No to NATO (ICC) strongly condemns the attacks of the USA, France, and Britain on Libya, to implement a so-called “no-fly zone”. The attacks, clearly prepared before the United Nations Security Council authorised the no-fly zone, do not contribute to a solution of the Libyan crisis, but only add further suffering. The ICC also strongly criticises UN Security Council resolution 1973 from 17 March 2011, which authorises military action against Libya.

12 janv. 2011

A report and evaluation of the anti NATO activities in Lisbon

- Andreas Speck, War Resisters' International

On Saturday, 20 November 2010, some 80 activists from a range of countries blockaded one of the access roads to the NATO summit in Lisbon, to protest against NATO and NATO's war in Afghanistan.

22 nov. 2010

Press Release - 20 November 2010

50 activistes du Portugal, d'Espagne, de Finlande, de Belgique, du Canada, de France, d'Allemagne, des Pays-Bas et de Pologne bloquent la route qui mène les délégations officielles et gouvernements au sommet. Avec des cadenas, des chaînes et leurs corps ils essayent de le retarder.

19 nov. 2010

The coalition of nonviolent activist based in Lisbon denounce the blocking of their European comrades at the border of the Portugese territory during these last days.

18 nov. 2010

Press release 18.11.2010 at 09.15

Portuguese border guard denied entry of 35 Finnish antimilitarists to Portugal early on Thursday morning. The group was on it's way to NATO summit's non-violent counter event in Lisbon, Portugal. The bus trip is organized Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto (Union of COs, Finland).

Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto believes that the right to demonstrate should be part of every democracy in any situation. "Is NATO so much afraid of non-violent demonstrators, that they can't even be allowed in the same country?" Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto wonders.