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16 Jan 2013


On Thursday 17th January, War Resisters' International, a global network of pacifist organisations based in London, will pay taxes that have been withheld for five years, under protest to HM Revenue and Customs.

Since 2007, War Resisters' International has been withholding a proportion of PAYE as a form of protest against Britain's military policies - the high level of military spending, the cooperation with criminal programmes such as the "rendition" of suspects, spurious rationales for military intervention, and the development and manufacture weapons of mass destruction and drones for long-distance assassination.

Articles related to war tax resistance

31 Jul 2005

The Guardian reported on 25 July on the judicial review of the "Peace Tax Seven" to guarantee the right to conscientious objection against military taxation:

'A group of conscientious objectors today lost a high court bid to stop their taxes being put toward military spending.

The "peace tax seven", backed by more than 50 supporters, asked Mr Justice Collins, sitting in London, for permission to seek a judicial review of a continuing government refusa

31 Aug 2004

In September 2001, shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the WRI Council issued its "Say No!" statement, urging "all those who pay tax: demand that your taxes are used for peace, withhold the proportion of tax used for war, Say No!" Back from the meeting the then WRI staff decided to practice what WRI was calling for, and asked the WRI Executive (as employers) to withhold the proportion of their income tax used to fund war. This was implemented from January 2002 on and continues until today.

31 Aug 2004

Without tax refusal, we might have no codified human rights today. The cry "No taxation without representation!" ignited the American Revolution, transforming the ideas of Paine and Rousseau from philosophical abstractions to principles of government.

31 Aug 2004

While the new Spanish government has withdrawn troops from Iraq, Spanish troops remain in Afghanistan and on hand for further interventions. Weapons factories; the traffic in arms; the distortion of scientific research ... There is no underlying change. Yet if it seems that our protests are ignored, more than we imagine we have in our own hands the possibility to counter the pervasive influence of militarism.

03 Aug 2004

War Resisters' International will continue to withhold war tax

WRI's war taxes on the wall at 5 Caledonian RoadWRI's war taxes on the wall at 5 Caledonian Road

Today, a tax collector of the Inland Revenue visited the office of War Resisters' International and collected the withheld war tax for the financial year 2002/03.

01 Aug 2004

On Wednesday, 4 August 2004, the Inland Revenue will come to the WRI Office to collect outstanding war taxes of War Resisters' International for the financial year 2003. The Inland Revenue informed War Resisters' International that one of their tax collectors will call at the WRI office after 1pm, to take the taxes, which WRI refused to pay on behalf of its employees, which now total £454.55.

09 Feb 2004


In front of the City of London Magistrates' Court, 9 February 2004.In front of the City of London Magistrates' Court, 9 February 2004.

The City of London Magistrates Court ordered for War Resisters' International to pay war tax yesterday.

25 Jul 2002

Inland Revenue Accounts Office
Victoria Street
West Yorkshire
BD98 8AA

London, 26 July 2002

Withholding of taxes used to fund war
Your reference: 846 PM 185689 -- 19 July 2002

Dear xxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your letter dated 19 July. We appreciate that you actually refer to our arguments, and are happy to start a discussion about the issue.

The interpretation of human rights is constantly changing, and nowadays there are no doubts any more that conscientious objection to military service is a human right, derived from Art.