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Dissolve NATO: an alliance for war

NATO was founded ostensibly to defend the “free” West against Soviet expansion. Why then did not NATO dissolve when the Soviet Union disintegrated and Warsaw Pact dissolved? The reason is quite simple: because it had become the main vehicle for the coordination of Western military strategy. What follows is a call for peace activists to commit ourselves to raise the demand for the dissolution of NATO.

Shut down NATO

23 Feb 2009

Women have a multitude of relationships to the military: they command regiments, enlist as soldiers, work in the arms industry, clean the kitchens and toilets of military bases… or oppose the military in protests and peace camps. Some women have little choice about their relationship with the military: they are killed, injured, forced from their homes, and bereaved by armed conflict. Others are recruited, sometimes ‘voluntarily’, but very often forcibly, to provide sexual services to male military personnel.

23 Feb 2009

NATO has come a long way since the end of the Cold War. Already with the Rome Declaration of 1991 NATO positioned itself with a new strategy, no longer focused at defending the NATO territory from an attack. An attack from the the East was no longer likely, instead NATO formulated as “news threats” the consequences of economic, social and political difficulties in central and eastern Europe, for which NATO had to be prepared.

23 Feb 2009

The Broken RifleThe Broken RifleOn 3 and 4 April 2009 NATO will celebrate its 60th birthday in Baden-Baden in Germany and Strasbourg in France. While all the details of this "celebration" are not yet known, it is already clear that the NATO summit will not leave much space for democratic protest in either of the two summit cities (see page 5). War Resisters' International is part of the International Coordination Committee which coordinates a wide range of protest activities (see the overview on page 8), and is also part of NATO-ZU, a coalition of nonviolent groups that is part of the overall coalition organising actions of civil disobedience in Strasbourg in the morning of 4 April.

20 Feb 2009

Andreas Speck es insumiso y activista histórico del movimiento pacifista y antinuclear en Alemania. En la actualidad es coordinador de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra (una red pacifista mundial de grupos y personas fundada en 1921) para los programas de apoyo a la objeción de conciencia en países como Colombia, Israel, Grecia, Chile y Corea del Sur.

18 Feb 2009

Defense of Democracy and the demonstration celebrations

Five hundred people coming from 19 countries met for the activist conference at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, on February 14 and 15 2009, invited by the International Coordinating Committee * «  No to war-No to NATO » and hosted by the “Collectif de Strasbourg anti-OTAN” against NATO, to prepare the activities of the counter- summit on NATO’s 60th anniversary which will be held in Strasbourg in April 1-5.

17 Feb 2009

Committee for Basic Rights and Democracy, Martin Singe, Aquinostr. 7-11, D-50670 Cologne, Tel. +49-221-9726920

February 17, 2009

TO: The French Minister of the Interior

The Embassy of France in Germany

Members of the European Parliament

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

17 Feb 2009

Argument paper on the Vatanen report and beyond, 16 of February 2009

1. The minority opinion to Vatanen's report demands a strict separation of NATO and the EU, why?

03 Feb 2009

On 3 and 4 April the heads of state and government of NATO will meet in Baden-Baden and Strasbourg to celebrate NATOs 60th birthday. We think: 60 years of NATO are not a reason to celebrate, but a reason to resist nonviolently!

Since its foundation in 1949 NATO pretended to defend the so-called free West against the allegedly aggressive communism. Would this have been the real reason for NATO's existence, NATO would have had to dissolve following the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991.

20 Jan 2009

Nonviolent action against NATO

On 4 April 1949, the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation was founded with the signing of the NATO treaty. On 3 and 4 April 2009, the heads of state and government of the 26 member states and their delegations will meet in Baden Baden and Strasbourg to celebrate NATO's 60th birthday with a NATO summit (ed.).
22 Dec 2008

Strasbourg, February 14 and 15th

Start 1pm February 14th
End 2pm February 15th

Location: Strasbourg, (exact location will be announced with the second invitation)

The main goal of the conference is to discuss the preparation of the different actions against the 60 years anniversary of NATO. We want to finalize our strategy and prepare the different actions.

The background of all our preparations will be a political discussion about the strategy of the NATO and there political goals.