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17 Jul 2014

Demonstration on Gaza in Cape TownDemonstration on Gaza in Cape Town

The Assembly of the War Resisters’ International, gathered in the City Hall of Cape Town, South Africa, strongly condemns the ongoing assault by the Israeli military on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. War Resisters’ International considers all war a crime against humanity, and we therefore call for the immediate end of hostilities, and in particular the repeated aggression by the State of Israel against Palestinians.

As opponents of war, we also oppose the causes of war, and stand in solidarity with oppressed people all over the world. We therefore call for the end of the occupation of Palestine and—especially gathered at the building from which Nelson Mandela made his first speech after release from prison—we call for the end of all forms of Apartheid everywhere.

16 Jul 2014

War has returned to European soil, and it seems that Europeans are not capable, or not willing, to apply the lessons they try to teach in other parts of the planet. The European Union, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, put Ukraine in an impossible position when it asked it to choose between a political pact with the EU or a close economic relationship with Russia. Ordinary people in Ukraine have some of the lowest wages in the continent, and face one of the highest levels of political and economic corruption, creating hopelessness among many of them - hence the offer from the EU seemed to many like a golden opportunity to take a first step out of the mire.

The use of violence by both sides in the later stages of the Maidan protests created a precedent, and served as a justification for the use of violence in parts of Ukraine where many people disagree with the country's new political course. Also, the presence of neo-nazis in the new official Ukrainian politics, and the rise of the paramilitary units connected with them, encouraged other Ukrainians - in areas where many feel more attracted to and connected with Russia than with the EU - to consider armed struggle a legitimate method of dealing with conflict.

29 Jul 2012

Gathering Hosted by War Resisters' International and Ceasefire Campaign

Between the 26 – 30 July in Johannesburg, peacemakers from 12 countries in Africa met to share experiences, and birthed a new, continent-wide African Nonviolence and Peace-building Network. The delegates from over a dozen organizations pledged to intensify coordinated nonviolent resistance from the South to the North of Africa.

30 Jan 2010

Nonviolent activists from 32 countries denounced development-induced displacement and corporate violence at the War Resisters' International (WRI) conference held at Gujarat Vidyapith this week. WRI, Gujarat Vidyapith, Gujarat Sarvodaya Mandal and Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya have together organised a conference to investigate the links between militarism, war profiteering and the patterns of development pursued across the world today. Around 175 participants from 32 countries took part in the deliberations during this week.

29 Jan 2010

The War Resisters’ International condemns the arrest on 28 January 2010 of Mohammed Khatib of Bil’in, Palestine.

The War Resisters’ International Council, assembled in Ahmedabad, India, learned of the arrest of Mohammed Khatib by the Israeli military at his home at 1:45 am yesterday. Mohammed Khatib has played a central role in the popular committee planning and coordinating the struggle of the Bil’in village against the Apartheid Wall, constructed by Israel inside the 1967 occupied territories.

27 Jan 2010


27 January 2010

To whom it may concern

On 10 February 2007, police of UN Mission in Kosovo opened fire with rubber and plastic bullets on an unarmed demonstration in Prishtina killing two people. The police concerned have since returned to their country, Rumania, without being held accountable for their action. Now EULEX – the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo – has re-opened proceedings against Albin Kurti, the spokesperson of the movement Vetëvendosje which organised the demonstration.

25 Jan 2010

We, members of the War Resister’s International (WRI) and all participants of the Triennial conference held in Ahmedabad from 22-25 January 2010 have, as part of our deliberations, also discussed the current situation in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh.

01 Mar 1999
War Resisters' International, an international pacifist network with affiliates in over 30 countries, discussed the war and humanitarian crisis in Kosovo/a at its Triennial conference in Porec, Croatia, 20-26 September 1998.
31 Aug 1997

"The best local peace group in France" was how one of the Parisian participants described COT d'Albi (the Collectif des Objectrices et Objecteurs Tarnais), hosts of this year's annual War Resisters' International Council meeting in Carmaux in the Tarn region.

01 Jun 1997

WRI Council has now produced a Statement of Principles, a daunting task that the organisation had not managed since the 1950s. As well as introducing some of the main tenets of pacifism and nonviolence, this statement also respects the plurality of views within the organisation, and acknowledges the complexity posed by certain situations.

WRI embarked on this drafting mainly as a means of stimulating discussion rather than with confidence about producing a final text.

Other posts

09 Sep 2009

Three months ago, the organising committee were desperately looking at how to cut costs for this conference and who could fill gaps in the programme. To be honest, even the outstanding Indian speakers who have not previously attended WRI events - Arundhati Roy and Ashish Nandy at the opening session, P.V. Rajagopal of Ekta Parishad, Samarendra Das from the Orissa anti-mining campaign and Medha Patkar of Narmada Bachao Andolan - were not sure that they could come. Since then, however, everything seems to have fallen into place. Those five Indian speakers have confirmed.

17 Aug 2009

Attached as pdf the Reader for the "Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism: Links & Strategies". In Ahmedabad, India, 22 - 25 of January 2010.

09 Aug 2009

At War Resisters' International we are in full gear preparing for WRI's forthcoming International Conference: "Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism: Links & Strategies", to take place in Ahmedabad, India between the 22nd and 25th of January 2010.
If you wish to join us in this important event, now is time to make your travel arrangements and also to register for the conference. With this newsletter we give you all the practical information you need to know about the conference. We also include its work-in-progress programme.

02 Aug 2009

Ahmedabad (population 3.5 - 4 million) is the biggest city in Gujarat and well connected with all India's major cities, both by air and by train. It is the former capital of Gujarat - the current state capital, Gandhinagar, is about 25 kms away.

Delhi-Ahmedabad: Distance by train 930 kms (takes 14 to 19 hours depending on the train)
Mumbai-Ahmedabad: Distance by train – 500 kms (8-10 hours)

04 May 2009

Later this year WRI will have a postal ballot on changing the constitution. However, the processes of electing a chair and Council needs to start before then. Therefore, these elections will take place under the existing constitution. The election for chair will therefore take place by postal ballot, and the elections for Council at the business meeting (27-28 January) to be held during the international conference in Ahmedabad, India next year.

21 Apr 2009

International Confe­rence, Ahmedabad, India, January 2010

War Resisters' Interna­tio­nal is cooperating with Indian partner organisations for an international conferen­ce investigating the links between local nonviolent livelihood struggles and global militarism, including war profiteering. This parti­cipatory conference will bring together campaigners from all over the world to analyse the role of states and multinational corpora­tions in depriving local com­munities of their sources of livelihood, and learning from the experience of nonviolent resistance at various levels – from the community to the global – and at various phases, from preventing displacement to planning for return.

05 Oct 2008

Appeal agreed in Stuttgart 5th October 2008

On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the NATO military organisation, we appeal to all people to come to Strasbourg and Kehl in April 2009, to protest against NATO’s aggressive military and nuclear policies, and assert our vision of a just world free of war.

01 Sep 2008
Julián Andrés Ovalle FierroJulián Andrés Ovalle Fierro

Colombian conscientious objector and activist, Julian Ovalle will talk about the political situation, the recruitment practice of the different armed groups, and the work of the movement for conscientious objection in Colombia.

22 Aug 2008

Bilbao, Basque Country, 26th - 29th of October 2008

WRI's Nonviolence Programme aims to strengthen and deepen our understanding of nonviolence, both from a strategic and campaigning point of view, and to develop and provide tools and support to groups using nonviolence. To advance further towards this goal, WRI is organising an International Nonviolence Training Exchange in Bilbao, the Basque Country from the 26th to the 29th of October, 2008.