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Despite 50 years of armed conflict, a new movement for conscientious objection is emerging in Colombia. This page contains links to CO testimony and to recent WRI alerts and reports on the situation of conscientious objectors in Colombia.

CO Alerts

01 Jun 2007
War Resisters' International was informed today that Colombian conscientious objector Frank Yair Estrada Marin (COL14922) has been illegally recruited on 5 May 2007, and is presently being held in the Batallon Pedro Justo Berrio in Medellin.
01 Jun 2007
More than one month after his illegal recruitment, Colombian conscientious objector Frank Yair Estrada Marin is still in the hands of the military. On the morning of 5 May, Frank Yair Estrada Marin was taken by soldiers from the Batallon Pedro Justo Berrio to the batallon, under the pretext that they needed to perform a medical examination to verify his ability to perform military service.
12 Dec 2006

War Resisters' International learned today that Luis Fernando
Callejas (COL14912), who will turn 25 on 13 December, was recruited by
force on 9 December during a search of Colombian military in Cali.
Between 11 and 12 at night, soldiers of the 3rd brigade of the
Colombian military carried out a search of the neighbourhoods of
Mariano Ramos and Republica de Israel of Cali, and rounded up youth of
recruitment age.
Luis Fernando Callejas is officially a "remiso" (draft evader), and did
so far not publicly declare his conscientious objection. However,

24 Nov 2006
War Resisters' International is very concerned about the treatment of Carlos Andrés Giraldo Hincapié (COL14911), a Colombian youth who has been forcefully recruited by the military on 4 August 2006. Since his recruitment, he has received maltreatment and abuse from the side of the military. Carlos Andrés Giraldo Hincapié is presently in the military hospital, and maintains a position that he does not want to be part of any armed group in Colombia.
02 Nov 2006

On 1 November, declared conscientious objector Andrés Daniel Giraldo has been detailed by the military. He was travelling on the Bogota-Medellin road, when he was stopped by a squad of soldiers at Facatativa, and asked for his military papers. As a declared conscientious objector, Andrés Daniel Giraldo does not have any military papers. However, the soldiers did not understand his arguments and detained him. They brought him to the military base of Guaduas - Timate, where he has been kept at the time of writing.

13 Oct 2005

This week Colombian conscientious objector Juan Carlos Montoya Munera was forcefully recruited by the Colombian military in the city of Antioquia, and taken to the barracks of the BatallÃn Bombona Coronel DÃaz, where he is being forced to do his military service. At the time being, War Resisters' International does not have any information about his situation in the barracks.

Other posts

01 Dec 2011

El pasado 26 de noviembre de 2011, mediante un panfleto dejado en el domicilio de un miembro de la Unión Sindical Obrera – USO, la banda criminal asociada al narcotráfico autodenominada “Los Rastrojos” ordena a las Organizaciones Defensoras de Derechos Humanos de la ciudad colombiana de Barrancabermeja (CREDHOS, USO, Organización Femenina Popular – OPF, Gente en Acción, Espacio de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras de Derechos Humanos de Barrancabermeja – ETTDH, Colectivo Quinto Mandamiento, Fundación DRC, SINTRAINQUIGAS, ANDAS) desistir de sus “actividades de caridad, de marchas, eventos, netc.”, p

07 Jan 2011

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Alejandra Londoño Bustamante, Red Juvenil de Medellín

I am a conscientious objector, but not because I believe that objection is a refusal which has legal backing. On the contrary, it is a legitimate social and collective organisation which initially aims at change within individuals for the good of society.

08 Nov 2010

A batida in MedellinA batida in MedellinWar Resisters' International received reports from several of its partners in Colombia that batidas - the recruitment of young men in raids on the streets - are continueing. Some of those recruited during recent batidas declared their conscientious objection, and two are listed on WRI's Prisoners for Peace Honour Roll 2010.

01 Oct 2010

Sentence of the Constitutional Court from 14 October 2009 finally published

25 Aug 2010

‘Haga que pase’: Make it happen! The short documentary 'Mi FinK' shows the process of community organization and resistance. This participatory action arose in the face of vulnerability to losing the land: one of the few things that keep the community united and free. Since the abolition of slavery in Colombia, the land has sustained the food supply and the economy of the Afrodescendant people of Villa Rica. Today the sugar companies dominate the area, planting sugar cane as a monoculture, thereby forcing out the traditional small farms of the region.

17 Aug 2010

Report on a visit to Colombia in May/June 2010

Andreas Speck, War Resisters' International's Right to Refuse to Kill programme worker1, visited Colombia from 19 May until 12 June 2010. During his visit, he spoke at two conferences on conscientious objection, and visited groups and individuals working on CO in Bogota, Sincelejo, Medellin, Cali, Villa Rica, and Barrancabermeja.

05 Aug 2010

During its 99th session, the Human Rights Committee also considered the periodic report of Colombia. On the issue of conscientious objection, the Colombian delegation was requested to provide more particulars on conscientious objectors and what protections were in place for them until the law concerning this matter was adopted. The Committee referred to the ruling of the Constitutional Court, had handed down nine months ago, but there was still no written ruling.

29 Jul 2010

Comité de Derechos Humanos
99º período de sesiones
Ginebra, 12 a 30 de julio de 2010

Examen de los informes presentados por los Estados partes en virtud del artículo 40 del Pacto
Observaciones finales del Comité de Derechos Humanos

Distr. 29 de julio de 2010
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02 Jun 2010

Andreas Speck, Internacional de resistentes a la guerra

Presentacion en Bogota, 2 de junio de 2010

13 Nov 2009

Desde hace un poco más de un año, un grupo de organizaciones y colectivos ha trabajado en las herramientas jurídicas alrededor de la objeción de conciencia al servicio militar obligatorio. Como resultado de ello presentaron un demanda de inconstitucionalidad en contra de la ley 48 que regula el reclutamiento que hacen las fuerzas militares colombianas, acción que muchas otras organizaciones estimamos y apoyamos.